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Root canal treatments have a bad reputation, but the truth is that this treatment is not as bad as you would expect. In fact, a root canal treatment can relieve the pain you are experiencing, not cause it. A root canal is no more painful than getting a dental filling.

Thentreatment is used to treat problems in the soft pulp, or nerves inside the tooth. Your dentist may need to perform a root canal procedure if the pulp tissue of the tooth develops infection or inflammation. This can be caused by poor dental hygiene, which can lead to severe decay. Trauma to the tooth caused by a sports injury or any other type of accident can also cause damage to the pulp tissue. So can multiple dental procedures on the same tooth. All of these issues can cause bacteria to enter the pulp tissue and cause serious issues. 

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Root canal issues can be painful. The pulp tissue consists of nerve cells, blood vessels and connective tissue, which is why you may experience intense pain. Without treatment, the infection will spread. It can even affect other parts of your body.

Without root canal treatment, your teeth may shift and cause difficulties with chewing. You may even lose your tooth and need bridgework or dental implants to replace it. Therefore, you should not delay root canal treatment

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

The therapy is a routine procedure that is very effective at managing the issue and relieving your pain. Most treatments take just one office visit. You are given anesthetic to numb the affected area, so despite the stories about root canal treatments, you will not experience too much pain during this procedure. 

The dentist will make a small opening in the affected tooth to access the pulp chamber and root canals. Tiny instruments are used to remove the dead and dying pulp tissue. Once all the tissue is removed, the chamber and empty canals are cleaned and disinfected. They are then filled with a special material. The dentist then seals the opening in the tooth with a special cement to prevent future infection.

Your tooth may be tender or sensitive for a few days following your root canal procedure. Ibuprofen and other pain relievers may be helpful. Your dentist may prescribe certain medications as well. 

Your dentist may recommend placing a crown or other restoration on the affected tooth. This will restore the function of the tooth and protect it from further damage. There are many types of restorations to choose from. They are made from a variety of materials, such as silver, gold, resin, ceramic and other tooth-colored materials. 

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