Are you concerned that you will be unable to care for your teeth and smile due to a temporary financing problem? Sunbit is a convenient financing technology that lets you receive dental care today by paying tomorrow. Your fast application can be completed in as little as 30 seconds, and Sunbit ranks among the highest approval rates in the industry.

Sunbit offers:

  • Up to a 90% approval rate
  • Quick approval process
  • Easy and convenient to use

When you have your dental care financed using Sunbit, there will be no application fees, or fees for opening your account, as well as late fees.

Transportation Alliance Bank provides the financing for Sunbit users.

Sunbit FAQ

The following are some frequently asked questions about Sunbit financing technology:

Is there a credit check?

When you first apply for financing through Sunbit, a soft credit check will be performed to determine your eligibility. A soft credit check will have no impact upon your credit score. 

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Are there any upfront costs?

After the finalization of your purchase, you must make a down payment. This down payment is then applied to the total amount of your purchase.

If I’ve used Sunbit before; can I make a new purchase using my existing account?

Each use of Sunbit for financing a purchase involves a new a loan arrangement with your lender. Even though you may have several loans at one time, each is considered as a separate contract; so they cannot be combined. If you need financing to purchase new dental services, you must reapply at that time.

How are payments made?

When authorized, your payments will be automatically withdrawn on the prearranged due date. Processing occurs with the debit card that you initially signed up with. 

If you wish to make an additional, or early, payment, you can do so at any time. These types of payments do not involve any type of fee.

Can I change my due date or obtain a payment extension?

You are allowed to change your due date once per purchase, and all of your subsequent monthly payments will be affected by that changed due date.

How much will be paid in interest?

Each customer will have a different amount of interest. When you apply, you can view your rate and have your financing charges broken down. Your total financing cost includes finance charges, so you only pay what you initially agreed to.

For More Information

If you have any remaining questions or concerns about Sunbit financing, don’t hesitate to contact our office at your earliest convenience to request additional information.