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While your dentist will do whatever it takes to preserve your teeth, sometimes teeth extraction is the best method. There are several reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted. For example, trauma and decay are common reasons. In addition, an impacted wisdom tooth can lead to inflammation and pain and even damage nearby tissues. If your child needs orthodontic treatment, crowding may be an issue and teeth may need to be removed for proper alignment. Baby teeth that refuse to come out can cause damage to permanent teeth underneath it and therefore require extraction.

Tooth extraction may seem like major surgery, but it is actually a routine procedure and is usually fairly straightforward. However, there are times when removal can be complication based on the location of the tooth in the mouth as well as the roots of the tooth. For example, front teeth have just one root and are easier to remove than molars with multiple roots. 

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When done by your dentist, tooth extraction is nothing to be scared of. A tooth is not rigidly fixed in your mouth. It is attached to the bone via a network of fibers, so it is easier to remove it than you may think. Your dentist can easily manipulate the tooth and remove it without much trouble.

The Process of Extracting a Tooth

In short, the dentist will perform an X-ray to assess the position of the tooth roots and the condition of the surrounding bone. This will inform your dentist of any possible complications. The dentist will make sure you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. 

Next, options for anesthesia will be discussed. Local anesthesia is often used for tooth extraction. This will numb the tooth, the surrounding bone and gum tissues. In addition, there are other sedative options including oral sedatives, nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation. 

While the dentist is removing your tooth, they will take care to avoid damaging the surrounding bone. In some cases, a small amount of bone-grafting material is placed into the socket to preserve bone volume. This is particularly important if you are going to replace the extracted tooth with a dental implant.

What to Expect After Teeth Extraction

Once your tooth is extracted, the socket will be covered with sterile gauze to control any bleeding.  Likewise, stitches may also be used. You may experience some swelling or pain for a few days after the procedure. Taking ibuprofen or aspirin on the day of the extraction can help you feel better. Oftentimes, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics to help prevent infection. Ice packs can help you feel more comfortable. Also, eating softer foods will be recommended.

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While it’s often a good idea to keep as many teeth as possible, there are situations in which tooth extraction is required. Don’t be afraid of this procedure. The dentists at Wareham Family Dental can walk you through the process and inform you of options for tooth replacement if desired. Schedule a consultation by calling our office at (508) 295-7476.


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